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New low

I just saw a commercial on TV for the “Chrysler Sebring” which opens with a close up of a Glamorous Woman in black patent heels stepping out of the car. As she swirls around to close the door and sashay down the sidewalk with the Studly Driver, you get a glimpse of red shoes. “Ahh,” I thought, “Louboutins!” And then tuned out the rest of the commercial which involved some confusing computerized skin flopping around the frame of the car.

In my defense, my mom and I were just discussing this so it was fresh on my mind; I was showing her a pair of Kenzie mary-janes I liked, and she asked why they had bright purple soles on them.


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All I do the whole day through

It’s raining and miserable outside, and I don’t even have my gaudy rubber puddle-jumping boots so it’s a good day to stay in, drink lots of tea, and think about summer. (And brainstorm about the Hindutva movement, but that’s for after the tea.)

Shoe boxes

I bought two pairs of shoes Monday morning from, Amazon’s newest ploy to take my money. Because of their -$5 overnight shipping deal (choose overnight shipping and get $5 off) I received them Tuesday. When I placed my order they claimed that deal was “only for February” but now I see it’s just a “special limited time promotion”. I have to say, it’s a very powerful incentive for me buying shoes, not only to not have to pay shipping but also to get them so quickly. I also like their return policy, which gives you 365 days to send them back. Of course, you are still subject to the usual (unworn, original packaging), so keep them on carpet, but since sending packages is very inconvenient for me here on campus, I appreciate having the chance to wait until my folks are around to help me. Overall, I have no complaints about Endless, and even scored an unexpected bargain!

Indigo by Clark’s — Lorraine

These shoes I posted once already, and I’m glad I took the plunge and bought them. They’re wonderfully comfortable; the footbed is really and truly padded, and the incline is so slight they almost feel flat. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Perfect everyday shoe for summer, when my wardrobe switches to all skirts all the time.

Naturalizer — Regis

These were the bargain — only $20! This is what made me decide to go ahead and buy some shoes; the order total came to about $100 so each pair averaged out to $50, which is practically a steal, right? I have a sick, sick little mind.

Anyway, these are also quite cute (as is my hotpot for tea-making, posing in the background). The trouble I tend to have with Naturalizer is that because they make wide sizes, their regular width is actually sort of narrow (for me, anyway; I have this weird sticky-out knobby thing that makes my feet wider at an inopportune spot). So these are maybe a little tight but not more so than most shoes I own.

I’ve got my eye on a pair of wedges from Børn already. O shoes! I just can’t quit you.

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On the horizon

All of a sudden, here it is the end of the quarter. That helps to explain the sudden shoe-lust; anything to prevent thinking about final papers.  Class A I’m hoping to have functionally drafted this weekend as I have to present it on Monday; Class B hasn’t been assigned, while Class C has given us about the broadest question ever. I can’t help but feel that I’m missing something — constantly — in that class, since nothing ever seems to be connected to anything else. As for Class D — well, let’s just say that’s a depressingly appropriate name at this point.

Speaking of shoes…


Full story coming soon. Yes, I know my feet are disgusting. It is February. I have a great urge to go them cleaned up and pedi’d but then I realize that there’s still a good bit of winter to go. Not to mention that my budget is (or should be) pretty much shot until my next paycheck.

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Eyes on the prize

The snow has arrived in big heavy flakes that literally glitter on the ground. However, in an ironic twist of fate, it’s still reasonably warm outside, meaning that in most areas of foot traffic there’s an inch or more of pure slippery slush.

CL by Chinese Laundry Celena

Anne Klein Lene

I’m doing my best to keep up morale under the circumstances.

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My happy place looks a lot like a shoe store

It’s snowing little pellets of snow outside, and for the first time in a week it’s cold enough in my room to turn the heater up. I’ve got a book to read and a response paper to write, and a stack of library books quickly coming due without my having reviewed them.


Think summery thoughts. Think summery thoughts.

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