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From the mouths of spammers

From my spam-catcher’s log:



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A fine line

Cute? Or ugly?

Natural Resource

Of course, they’d probably just chop my toes all to pieces anyway.

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The old college try (to remember)

Do you remember that whole thing last year or so, about the girls who wore flip flops to the White House? I think it was last year, but I don’t really remember. I’m so out of touch it took me an age to realize that it was my own school’s women’s lacrosse team what done it (and had won the championship besides, ooops).

Anyway, here’s what’s on Facebook today:


All publicity is good publicity, but I wonder how many of my fellow students will know (or remember) why this promotion is significant.

Hmm, I could actually go to that game, if I had any clue where the sporting facilities are.

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I am such a loser

I ran into the linked-arms couple again today — literally, since the stairwell in our dorm is only 2-and-a-half people wide. Well, it’s probably actually about 3 people wide, but you take up more space when you feel the need to be in physical contact with your S.O. all the time.

I kind of really hope they were going down to do laundry or something equally mundane, but it was gorgeous outside today, so probably not.

I should probably put the “easily amused” tag on this, now that I’m humming the theme from Love Story and giggling like a moron.

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Joy is not restricted to the morning


I submitted my application for this thing January 1, and the deadline was February 27. This is just one of many long, dragged out projects I’ve been dealing with, waiting for some sort of resolution or news; and to make things worse, having these things in my head for so long makes it hard to tell when “too much” time has elapsed. I have just been reflecting this week how worn-down I’ve been feeling, just beaten into submission and ready to accept whatever comes. It’s an odd feeling. This year I’ve found myself lacking some of the brittleness and pain that used to accompany failures and disappointments. The lack of that sort of sharp emotion has made it easier for me to really articulate what I want and why. And that makes the prospect of an interview truly exciting.

Thank you, God.

I am going to rock this interview. I am also going to have dinner at Cosi tomorrow. So let it be written, so let it be done.

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Mad props

Is it because I’m in the research business (so to speak) that I think this article about hobby aviation from the NYT is sorely remiss in not even mentioning the EAA?

The article is good so far as it goes, exploring the reasons why the field is shrinking and skewing older (funny how those go together). But by not speaking with the EAA, they’re missing out on the other half of the picture — and what I consider to be a really remarkable example of an organization tackling a problem head on.

The problem is as described above. The solution?

  1. Conduct a survey asking how pilots became interested in flying, which reveals that the number one reason was some sort of personal contact with a pilot who took them up in his own plane.
  2. Create the “Young Eagles” program whereby member pilots are urged to volunteer their time and expertise to give curious kids free rides in airplanes.

This was funded by a large initial donation, and some later funding including a gas rebate program through Conoco (I think). A database was created so kids could find a participating volunteer in his/her area, and members were challenged with numerical goals. They’ve flown more than 1.3 million kids since they started in 1992 or 1993.

I can’t help but be impressed by that. I don’t know how well it’s working out for the field as a whole (the existence of the NYT article might not be a good sign, although these kids are all still pretty young). But way to identify the problem and address it. And the method seems as likely to work as any, with the added advantage of being fairly simple and grassroots.

I won’t even go into the discussion of women in the article; suffice it to say, it’s interesting.

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Urban Dictionary is almost tragic

Check out the example sentence:


I laughed so hard when I read this.

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