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A late Memorial Day offering

We do not now have in this country a National Army Museum, but there is one in development, and they now have a promotional video on their website. The video is called “I have a story to tell” and is worth watching, I think. The museum won’t be open until 2013, which would be sad except by then I hope to have enough experience to hope to be hired, if and when they happen to need archivists. In the meantime, the Army runs quite a network of museums; one that isn’t on that list is the very-worthwhile First Division Museum (Big Red One!) at Cantigny, in Wheaton, IL. That one is actually flashier than the UK’s NAM, and it’s on the grounds of a large estate that includes a historical house and parklands for members of the family not entertained by replica trenches.


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Joy is not restricted to the morning


I submitted my application for this thing January 1, and the deadline was February 27. This is just one of many long, dragged out projects I’ve been dealing with, waiting for some sort of resolution or news; and to make things worse, having these things in my head for so long makes it hard to tell when “too much” time has elapsed. I have just been reflecting this week how worn-down I’ve been feeling, just beaten into submission and ready to accept whatever comes. It’s an odd feeling. This year I’ve found myself lacking some of the brittleness and pain that used to accompany failures and disappointments. The lack of that sort of sharp emotion has made it easier for me to really articulate what I want and why. And that makes the prospect of an interview truly exciting.

Thank you, God.

I am going to rock this interview. I am also going to have dinner at Cosi tomorrow. So let it be written, so let it be done.

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Supposedly I’m going to hear about my internship today

Sign that my unbelievably productive day yesterday was just covering up a massive anxiety attack: I was up until 2:30 this morning, doing nothing and lamenting having too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Sign that today will be a good day: Chocolate chip pancakes and tater tots for breakfast

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My new dream job

Being at home means I’m watching a fair amount of TV with my mom. I don’t ever watch TV normally so it feels like a lot, and it’s mostly HGTV and Travel Channel.

I think someone ought to give me a TV show in which I travel around Europe just visiting museums and highlighting them. I would get to just travel around, point out the best museums, show maybe a couple of unknown treasures or whatever, and be utterly lovable on TV. I would need a co-host, let’s say a cute, personable guy who could cover the art/contemporary stuff. See, I’ve got this all worked out.

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