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My new dream job

Being at home means I’m watching a fair amount of TV with my mom. I don’t ever watch TV normally so it feels like a lot, and it’s mostly HGTV and Travel Channel.

I think someone ought to give me a TV show in which I travel around Europe just visiting museums and highlighting them. I would get to just travel around, point out the best museums, show maybe a couple of unknown treasures or whatever, and be utterly lovable on TV. I would need a co-host, let’s say a cute, personable guy who could cover the art/contemporary stuff. See, I’ve got this all worked out.


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New low

I just saw a commercial on TV for the “Chrysler Sebring” which opens with a close up of a Glamorous Woman in black patent heels stepping out of the car. As she swirls around to close the door and sashay down the sidewalk with the Studly Driver, you get a glimpse of red shoes. “Ahh,” I thought, “Louboutins!” And then tuned out the rest of the commercial which involved some confusing computerized skin flopping around the frame of the car.

In my defense, my mom and I were just discussing this so it was fresh on my mind; I was showing her a pair of Kenzie mary-janes I liked, and she asked why they had bright purple soles on them.

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