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Some kind of perfect

I have a severe case of Courtly Fashion Love for seersucker. I can’t remember ever owning anything made of it, and most times I see it in person it’s incorporated into something depressingly ugly. And yet I can’t let it go: an airy, feminine seersucker skirt would be just too perfect an intersection of material, connotation, and image to pass up.

I mention this because I was sorting out the rat’s nest that is my bookmarks folder just now (shut up) and came across the link Boutique Ooh-La-La, a.k.a. the Boutique of Perfect Skirts that are just a little too expensive and a little too small for me, my butt, and my bank account.

And, O! Like a sunrise bursting across my screen! A glimpse — a glimpse of the glories I had begun to think were only true in my mind! A glimpse — to reward my faith and sustain it! (&c)

“Donna” skirt

I mean to say, can you imagine anything more perfect?! Just look — look, I say — at a wee detail shot:Detail

I mean, really!! How can you expect me to just go trudging off back to reading awfully written textbooks with suspect grammar or at the least a very poor prose style having gazed upon this masterpiece of human production?

But- but- but–!

Oh, all right. Once again I will pacify myself with the cold comfort that, when I have made my fortune in the lucrative field of archives (and, naturally, have dropped my pudge through intensive filing), I will return.

In the meantime, I’ll just make sure the bookmark is safely tucked away in its proper folder.


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The National Committee for the Return of Shoulders, Sleeves, and an Actual Neckline

From the New York Times, a short article on Oscar fashion.

Cate Blanchett, duly ornamented, was among the nominees who attended Mr. Armani’s fashion show on Saturday, when she indicated she would wear a dress by him to the awards, as she did. She wore a silver one-shoulder mesh gown, overlaid with a veil of flowers made of jet black paillettes; her hair up, she was basically the picture of prepackaged elegance, though she said she is not an actress who concerns herself with the opinions of fashion critics.

“I think the fashion has probably gotten a lot safer,” Ms. Blanchett said. “But if you are dressing to impress other people, then I think you’re going to get in trouble.”

What else could explain the endless chain of strapless dresses this awards season in Hollywood that have made actresses, once they are all seated, look practically naked?

Thank you. In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I am not able to wear strapless dresses, but seriously — it’s just one kind of dress. There are lots and lots and lots and lots of other kinds of dress; in theory at least. If you’re not sure whether there is anything else to do with your design other than lop it off under the armpits, you could try looking back over the thousands of years of styles worn around the world. There might just be something inspiring there.

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