More Ripster

It’s pouring outside, I’m exhausted, and I can’t seem to work up much urgency over the pending apocalypse that is Wednesday. So let’s have more facts. These come from a randomly selected two-page spread.

  1. Herod swore to grant anything to Salome if she would dance for him. When she asked for the head of St. John the Baptist, he gave it to her.
  2. Before the Communists took control of China there were more than 10,000 missionaries. The Catholic Church alone lost 3,932 schools, 216 hospitals, 781 dispensaries, 254 orphanages, and 29 printing presses.
  3. Church law forbids a Pope to nominate his successor.
  4. Only one Catholic Church has been permitted to remain open in the entire city of Moscow, the Church of St. Louis des Français.
  5. 571 Sisters of 12 different communities served as nurses during the Civil War.
  6. Since the earliest days of the Church, the Mass has been said in Latin because there was less chance of distorting the meaning. The essentials, the Offertory, Consecration, and Communion, will still be spoken in Latin even though the Second Ecumenical Council has now decreed that other parts may be said in modern languages.
  7. The League of the Sacred Heart was founded in France in 1884 by a French Jesuit, Rev. Henri Ramiere.
  8. The Church is composed of three memberships:
    • Church Militant–living Catholics
    • Church Suffering–the deceased suffering in Purgatory
    • Church Triumphant–those who have been recieved into Heaven.
  9. St. Joseph’s College, Philadelphia, Pa., instituted the first college classes to combat Communism in 1935.
  10. The first Catholic Mass was celebrated in the United States June, 1526, by a Dominican priest in what is now the state of Virginia.
  11. St. John is represented in religious art with a chalice and a snake coming from it, referring to an unsuccessful attempt to poison the Host.

If you didn’t believe the 1963 publication date before, you might be convinced by the obsession with Communism that seems to have developed on these two pages. I particularly like number nine. I don’t even follow Harry Potter and I thought “defense against the dark arts” immediately. And number eleven makes no sense to me; I’ve never heard that before (or seen it for that matter) and I have no idea what they’re alluding to.


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