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I take it back; I don’t want it to be summer after all

Big round of applause goes out today to whoever had this room before me. Specifically, whoever thought it was a good idea to throw a cigarette butt into the radiator. I’m sure that’s not the only reason the A/C makes my room smell bad, forcing me to keep the window slightly open in spite of the heat and gale-force winds — but today, I’m blaming it on you.

Thanks a lot.


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We each of us have our own burden to carry

I was walking into the building this afternoon, when I noticed a girl coming in behind me grasping a 24-pack of Diet Coke. She was fairly petite, so this was a substantial load. I held the door for her. “Thanks!!” she squeaked.

“No problem,” I say.

“This is so lucky! I didn’t know how I was going to get in! My hands are full!”

“How far up are you going?”

“Fourth floor…”

“Your lucky day! Me too,” I say with a little laugh.  She laughs too.

“Yeah, they had the 24 on sale at Jewel, and I just thought it would be better to buy the big one! But you have to carry it all the way up — not a good idea!”

“Ha– yeah, it always seems like a good idea at the time, doesn’t it? ‘Oh, I’ll just check out all ten of these library books right now…!'”

At this point, I’m opening the fourth floor door and watching her go through. She gives me this weirded-out look like I’ve just mentioned how much I like eating poo and then proceeds to laugh herself the opposite direction down the hall. “Uh, what?!”

I guess that temptation isn’t quite as universal as I was counting on it to be.

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The carpet in the hallway is wet and squishy! … And now my feet are sticky. WTF?

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I am an amazing student

I’ve been fiddling around all day, moping about my sinuses and avoiding writing the short summary that was assigned by one of my professors last week. It took several hours sitting here on the bed with my laptop, but I flipped over to Word just now, determined to write something and get it over with. That’s when I noticed that the due date is May 24, not May 22.

So, never mind that.

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Better than a smelly candle

This morning I woke up with wonky sinuses, and I’ve had a headache all day as a result. This, combined with an inexplicable physical tiredness, and the general chilliness of my room lately, meant that I had a cup of tea before 1pm today — very early.

I poured the hot water over the tea bag and left it to steep as I went to refill the Brita pitcher in the bathroom. As I opened the door to my room, I was struck — a good eight feet away* — by the smell of the tea. I had never thought it was a very aromatic blend before, but it made me very happy.

*Here’s how out of it I am today: I actually just laid down on the floor to get a good estimate.

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Catholics have birds on their heads?! Sweet!

My parents came to visit me today, and brought me a bag of goodies to compensate for having to talk about what I’m doing with my life. In amongst the shoes, soda, and mail, was this little theological treasure: A Catholic’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, first printed in January 1964.

A Catholic’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not: cover

(All of these little images enlarge when you click on them.) I am not, nor have I ever been, a fan of the Ripley’s schtick, so I find the description of the facts within (“all surprising, all true”) a little confusing. All true? What’s with the “or not” then? I mean the back cover is almost taunting: Catholics: Believe it or not! Believe it or we tie you to the stake!

I was going to make an imprimatur/ nihil obstat joke, and then I read the author’s note:

A Catholic’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not: author’s note

So I guess the “or not” is that some are not tenets of faith. Actually, if you set aside that this is kind of oblique and in a 45¢ paperback — not bad.

And check out the very serious little mission statement there. I always associated Ripley’s with the grosser parts of Guinness’ records: the longest fingernails, siamese twins, etc. And here they are trying to spread the faith!

This is a strange, strange little book. One thing it is not, however, is disrespectful, so far as I can tell from flipping through. In fact, given my expectation of when dealing with Ripley’s, the facts are almost dull. It also doesn’t lack for pen drawings.

A Catholic’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not: inside pages

Here is a sample page spread — there’s a drawing on every page. I haven’t read through the book yet (I’ve just been looking at the pictures, to be honest…) so really the only reason I took this particular page was because apparently, in 1964, the Four Chaplains might still be considered “famous”.

I’ll try to go through and pick out some interesting bits if I get the chance later. What an odd find!

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Good dress, bad dress

I rather like this dress:

However, thanks to the Victoria’s Secret boobalicious styling policy,  I have really no good way to guess what this would look like on me. I mean, this has got to be clipped in the back. You can’t make a dress with those proportions and expect to sell it to people. They ought to hire different models to show the clothing, if only to make me feel less like I’m shopping at Frederick’s. I don’t care how unrealistic the bra models are; I know how bras work. Or they could hire a really flat chested model to show the dress alongside the bra model.

I would get this dress in green, I think, although I do like this navy. It’s on sale so I might well order it.

This dress, however, is henious:


It’s on sale at J Crew, so hopefully that link doesn’t even work any more; for the sake of posterity, it’s the “long pique polo dress” that “goes to new lengths” — har har — which is to say, your ankles.

Geez, it scorches my eyes just looking at it. There is only one good reason to wear a polo shirt dress: if you are a hot tennis player actively playing tennis. And in that case, it must be white and less than knee length.

If I were getting married, I would tell everyone my bridesmaids were going to wear this dress with hot pink crocs, just to see whether any of my so-called loved ones loved me enough to have me committed when the circumstances called for it.

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