Context is everything

On Tuesday, I had to go see a professor to discuss my final paper topic. Waiting in the hall, I could hear that the person ahead of me in the office was handing over a first draft. When I was told to go back to the drawing board and develop a different (better) topic, my anxiety level skyrocketed. Knowing that someone else (not even in my class!) had a draft done made me feel like a real idiot for not even having a topic yet.

Today I brought the improved topic back to the same professor. This time, the person in the office was getting advice on a topic, while the girls waiting in the hall with me had vague ideas of what they wanted to write about but weren’t sure whether those ideas translated into topics.

Needless to say, when I walked out of that office with a greenlighted topic, I suddenly felt ahead of the game even though the paper is still due on Wednesday. It doesn’t take much to regain confidence in oneself; it’s just unfortunate how little control you have over making that transition.


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