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This could be interesting

The University of Pittsburgh has some points to take into consideration when choosing a roommate:

Will the apartment be the place where you want to study or party or both? What are the prospective roommate’s habits? Does he or she smoke? (Do you?) What about alcohol or drug use? What about musical tastes? Does reggae or jazz get on your nerves?

My only requirement is that my roommate have a good dealer.

Consider living habits. Remember the Odd Couple—Are you like Felix or Oscar? It may seem trivial at first, but small things like leaving dirty dishes for days, drinking milk out of the carton, or not flushing the toilet can become very irritating over time.

This would never seem trivial to me.

How do you feel about guests sleeping over? Waking up with your roommate’s boyfriend or girlfriend, friends from home, or the whole wrestling team can be a memorable experience. Occasionally. But there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own apartment. If your roommate has frequent guests, and if they empty the refrigerator, hog the PlayStation, or run up the phone bill, they can ruin your life and studies.

D’ya get the feeling we’re missing a prepositional phrase here? Or are we saying it’s ok to wake up with your roommate’s boyfriend in your bed every once in a while?


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