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I am an amazing student

I’ve been fiddling around all day, moping about my sinuses and avoiding writing the short summary that was assigned by one of my professors last week. It took several hours sitting here on the bed with my laptop, but I flipped over to Word just now, determined to write something and get it over with. That’s when I noticed that the due date is May 24, not May 22.

So, never mind that.


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Better than a smelly candle

This morning I woke up with wonky sinuses, and I’ve had a headache all day as a result. This, combined with an inexplicable physical tiredness, and the general chilliness of my room lately, meant that I had a cup of tea before 1pm today — very early.

I poured the hot water over the tea bag and left it to steep as I went to refill the Brita pitcher in the bathroom. As I opened the door to my room, I was struck — a good eight feet away* — by the smell of the tea. I had never thought it was a very aromatic blend before, but it made me very happy.

*Here’s how out of it I am today: I actually just laid down on the floor to get a good estimate.

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