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“No! No! One at a time!”

I just got an email from MonsterTrak which contained this image:


My first thought was “Gaah!” This is kind of an obnoxious and startling photo to find on opening an email.

My second thought was, “That looks oddly like Professor X.” Only he doesn’t usually stare up into space in such a stricken fashion.

Well, except for when he was handing back the midterms.


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Words are overrated

I have been so blessed in the last week; it takes my breath away to think about it.

How many things have come into place? The things I sweated over; the things I prayed for; something I had hardly hoped for.

Most of all, though, the thing that makes me feel grateful and awestuck at the graces I’ve been given, is the feeling of groundedness that has come along with them. I feel totally at peace with all of it.

Is this humility? Probably not. But I can’t remember ever feeling this earnestly grateful; this thankful without all the elation that usually comes with. My happiness is not dependent right now on how things turn out, or whether the hopes and promises come true. This is enough, and whatever comes cannot sink me again.

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