Now that’s a dealbreaker

My feet are recovering from their blisters, and so it’s time to leap right back on the horse and start looking at shoes. Hope springs eternal that someday I will have a pair of shoes that does not eat my feet alive. I have been grudgingly looking at the wide sized shoes, mostly out of a desire to prevent a repetition of multiple blisters on the littlest toes. Wide sized shoes seem to be universally boring and ugly, to the point that I look at these and think, not bad:clarkspismo.jpg

Named the “Pismo” (what?), they’re… not bad, I guess. Not what I’d like to get for my nearly $100. But check this:


Velcro???!!! They expect me to pay nearly a hundred dollars for shoes that have a velcro closure? Uh, no. For that money, I want a real buckle, no matter how fugly the shoes are.

And while we’re on the subject, I’d like to point out that old ladies aren’t the only ones with grotesquely wide feet. Would it kill Clarks to put their Indigo line in wide sizes?


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